Daily Archives April 24, 2015

beer and a box

A drunk walked into a tavern, sat down at the bar. He placed a small cardboard box on the bar, and ordered a beer. When the beer came, he opened the box, pulled out a tiny piano and bench and set them on the bar, then ordered another beer. When the beer came, he reached into the box, pulled out a frog, sat him on the piano bench and said, “PLAY”. The frog immediately began to play the piano. It played all the favorites, and some classical and then launched into contemporary jazz. The man ordered another beer, and when it came he reached into the cardboard box and pulled out a little white mouse. He set this mouse on top of the piano and said “SING”. The frog began to play the piano and the mouse began to sing, first some ‘oldies but goodies’, then all of the current favorites...

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Do Elephants Ever Forget?

Q: Does an elephant ever forget?A: Only if you loan him money.

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